About Me

Hi! My name is Ruben Oliveira and I'm a Web Developer living in Porto, Portugal.

I've worked on IT for around 11 years and more recently, I took a position as as Tools Engineer (DevOps tasks mainly) at Vestas Wind Systems A/S.

Becoming a Web Developer

Although I have a more technical profile, I've always enjoyed the web development area, therefore, during the pandemics and after a few months in quarentine, I've took all the free time that I've had and spend it studying it.

I mainly use Python (Flask) when I'm developing a new project but I'd like to start experimenting some JavaScript frameworks such as SvelteKit (I've to find time for that smiley face). When it comes to databses, MySQL or PostgreSQL are my go-to options.

GitHub Contributions

Irrelevant Stuff

I'm a dad, I'm passionate about movies and tech but my main hobby is to play football (soccer in US).

Let's Talk

If you want to work with me, get to know a little more about my work or just chat about dev stuff, reach me through one of my social media pages (present here) or send an e-mail to